Artwork Information

Supplying your own Artwork:

Hopefully you will find all the necessary information below to help you submit your artwork for a trouble free print-run.

Artwork Type:
Vector artwork is best for printing, programs in which vector art is created include Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Our program of choice is Corel Draw.

If you want to supply your artwork as a jpeg or .psd Photoshop file, please ensure the resolution of your file is correct and at least 300dpi.

We cannot use artwork created from Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, Publisher (includeing the PDF's) due to the unexpected print results when printed. These files need to be recreated in a graphic program such as Corel Draw which will incur costs.


• Corel Draw file (X5) or PDF from Corel Draw

• Photoshop file (CS2) or JPEG from Photoshop

• PDF files from Adobe Illustrator or Adobe In-Design

What will work:
Small text, drop shadows, glows and thin lines do not print well onto t-shirts as the fabric is rougher than paper. We recommend a minimum text size of 10pts in order to get a good t-shirt print. Avoid shadows and glows around text as they tend to fill in with dot gain during screen printing.

For screen printing and heat transfer printing we prefer artwork in a vector format, such as Corel Draw or a PDF from Adobe Illustrator. It enables us to separate and adjust the size of the artwork without distorting the quality.

If you do supply artwork in Jpeg/Photoshop format, please ensure the files are setup in a CMYK colour mode at a minimum of 300dpi @ full size.

You are welcome to supply your artwork by:

• email or

• USB Memory Stick

Please send all e-mails to [email protected]. The size of the file sent by e-mail should be under 6MB, if the file is larger please upload via the free section of and send us the link for download.

MICROSOFT PUBLISHER, WORD, POWERPOINT, EXCEL do not produce artwork suitable for print, if using these please make a PDF and be aware that this will require extra time in the production schedule for the re-working.

Fonts and Image Resolution:
If you supply us a file for printing and it contains fonts that we do not have on our computer may substitute the font. To ensure your artwork prints as intended, please convert the fonts to curves (Corel Draw) or convert the fonts outlines (Adobe programs) before sending us the file. Otherwise please send us the font with your artwork.

All images used in the artwork must be a minimum of 300dpi. Images off the internet are generally not good enough resolution to print from as they have been compressed. If low resolution or internet image are used they will print blurry.

PLEASE NOTE: We will do our best to check your artwork and notify you of any errors we may see, however please note we will not be held liable for any artwork related print problems on print jobs where the artwork has been supplied!

All Full Colour Heat Transfers / Business Cards / Flyers / Litho Printing / Large Format Printing should be completed and saved in CMYK.

CMYK is used for print and RGB is used for web and screen. We cannot take responsibility for any unexpected colour results experienced from artwork supplied in non-CMYK colours (such as RGB or spot colours). If close colour matching is required, please supply us with the relevant CMYK breakdown to match to. Metallics such as gold and silver, as well as bright colours such as dayglo cannot be created with full colour heat transfer printing.

Final Check:
WHEN SUPPLYING US WITH YOUR ARTWORK PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for the print result of any 'print ready' artwork supplied. While we will always try and check artwork and advise of any issues before print, we cannot be held responsible for any incorrect printing resulting from incorrectly supplied artwork (including colours, font substitutions, image resolution etc...)

If time permits we will send you a digital proof to check before print so that you can sign off your artwork and make sure it looks as intended. We will not be held liable for any copyright claim whatsoever from artwork supplied.